Certainly one big advantage quartz has over granite is that it is stainless and never needs to be sealed. The quartz countertop requires zero maintenance, which is a significant incentive for a lot of people. And yet, while no Earthly products may stain quartz, over-exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration (except the Diresco’s BIO-UV tech.). One more positive thing: the darker quartzes do not show their seams, which makes for a very clean, modern look. Quartz that has multiple colors or patterns can be more difficult to hide, but almost nothing would be as conspicuous as granite.

Our company is selling Diresco (BIO-UV), Quarella, Technistone, Okite, Silestone and the Santa Margherita‘s products.

About the BIO-UV technology: Diresco’s products are made from 93% organic raw materials. Their BIO-UV quartz surfacers are equipped to yield optimum weather resistance. More infromation here.

There is more than 120 colour variation.
Thicknesses: 1.2 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm
Surfaces: polished, velvet, antiquated.