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Ceramic, the brand new trend!
Thanks for it's practical properties, the ceramic is increasingly being seen in the kitchen and bathroom.
Now up to 160 * 320 cm size slabs.
Calacatta renoir kerámia
The Barastone Design's team will help you from the planning to the implementing.
Classic Travertine
One of the most favorite stone. Well applicable with most of the styles, easily fit in the classic, meditereanean, modern and minimal appearance houses.
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Mechanical and manual stone carving
With many years of experience, and modern CNC technology there is no envision which is impracticable for our factory.
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About us

Our respect and love toward the beauty of the natural stones are leading us forward.

Let us make your environment unique by our products!

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If you can envision it, then we can build it. If you can't, then we will help! tell us more about your project