Agglomerated marble

Agglomerated marble

Agglomerated marble, also known as reconstituted or compressed marble, is produced by binding selected marble chips (93 to 95%) with specially formulated resin (7 to 5%). It is one of alternative choices to natural marble, as a large part of agglomerated marble consists of natural marble chips and therefore possess similar characteristics of marble. The agglomerated marble isn’t as hard as the qvartz composite, so the application is different too, furthermore the prices are materially better. The agglomerated marble slabs are coming in an average 305×124 cm size, therefore the longest size can be 3 m long in one piece. Some type of the agglomerates can hold a 3cm * 3m size without any crack. Every slab of the same type of agglomerated marble is the same color, so we can reorder it any time.

If you choose agglomerated marble:

  • Lard and acid sensitive, you have to avoid any corrosive chemicals.
  • UV sensitive, will lost it’s shine in 10-15 years on constant UV radiance


  • Inner flooring and panelling
  • Window sill
  • Bathroom counter top


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